Embroidery Montreal

A company established in 1984

Our History

mbroidery Montreal is a family-owned business that has been in the business since it was founded by Menandre Racine and his wife in 1984. During that time embroidery was done by hand. Over the course of time, we have upgraded our sewing machines as new technology became available that allows digitizing our services. Throughout the years, we have maintained our position as the top embroidery service providers in Canada.

In 2009, the business was passed to Menandre’s son, Marc-Andre Racine. And he continues the legacy of his parents as we continue to innovate, whether it is flat or 3D embroidery. We ensure that the quality of our embroidered patches and other services have remained the same over the years. Aside from patches we also do custom apparel and hats.

Autographe Leonardo Dicaprio

Broderies Montréal a déjà reçu la visite de plusieurs célébrités, dont Leonardo Dicaprio.

Leonardo Dicaprio

This embroidery was created from an image of Leonardo Dicaprio when he came to visit us.

Our mission is to provide durable products that can maintain their appearance over years of use and washing. We strive to make sure that we outperform our clients’ expectations. Embroidery is a stylish and elegant way to customize and decorate any garment or item that can be embroidered.

We provide special service by digitizing images and load them straight to an embroidery machine. It is the process of taking an image and converting it into stitches via specialized software. Our specialized machine will then use the digital file to create the design with threads. This method has made embroidery more cost efficient compared to the early days of the industry, when everything was handcrafted.

How is cost determined?

The cost of embroidery is determined by the number of stitches needed to complete the design, the quantity of the items, and the location of the embroidery. We assure our clients that our rates are competitive.

We serve business owners who need to give out personalized promotional products to clients, employees, or prospects. Embroidered patches can also be used as part of the business’ branding and marketing strategy. They can be used to get their brand name out to the target market.

Let us put your business logo, customized design or any other image on fabric with style. A team or corporate apparel will look more professional with an embroidered design. You can check our online gallery to see the designs that we have previously made for our clients.

At Embroidery Montreal, you are assured of high-quality products and services. We ensure that clients are happy and satisfied with our work. Whether it is digitizing, embroidery or patches that you need, we make sure that the quality is more than your expectation.

We provide embroidery services on custom apparel from shirts, hats, hoodies, aprons, sweatshirts, uniforms, toques, bags, jackets and other items. Contact us online or through phone today to find out more about our services.

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